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Mission Statement:
The New York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network will bring the myriad diverse cultural heritage attractions and venues together in a cohesive manner to increase visitation, enhance education and improve marketing in order to make a positive financial contribution to the membership.

Vision Statement:
The new York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network will promote New York cultural heritage attractions and venues so that interest and excitement will drive people to visit, be entertained, educated and purchase various product and gifts, this aiding in job creation, tax support and an increased appreciation for the unique culture and heritage present in New York State.

The New York Cultural Heritage Tourism Network history began in 2009 when a small number of cultural heritage attractions in Central New York visited with a local receptive tour operator to help the attractions increase tourism visitation.

That one meeting of nine people began what would become simply "The Network". The first committee formed was for education and in 2010 The Network held its first symposium in conjunction with Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. Additional educational seminars quickly followed in each succeeding year and was spread across the State from Albany to Buffalo.

Through an email communication vehicle of nearly 2000 New York State attractions and organizations the membership stays in continuous contact sharing information and programs.

In addition, the Network website ( provides extensive information about each member, has a Network Trail map, blogs and videos, tour packages, photos and other information germane to the general traveling public as well as the membership.

Within the past year the Network has moved to incorporate as a non-profit organization, has produced a five year Strategic Plan, a two year Work Plan and created its first board of directors to provide direction and continuity for the Network future.

The Network has joined forces with myriad state-wide organizations like ILNY, NYS Tourism Advisory Council, Museum Association of New York, Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor, NYS Canal Corporation, Canal NY and several others to assist in the promotion of culture and heritage for local, regional, national and international visitation.

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